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Cape Town men-only nude bathing facility to be modified or screened off

October 23, 2003

CAPE TOWN — Cape Town's mayor Nomaindia Mfeketo has ordered the demolition of parts of a once proud landmark – the Sea Point pavilion – now derelict and unsafe.

But the city was quick to point in a statement on Wednesday that only the buildings alongside the pool, and not the entire pavilion, would be demolished, starting Wednesday.

"Abandoned and derelict buildings contribute to crime and antisocial behaviour.

"By demolishing the Sea Point pavilion, we are responding to the request of residents, and contributing to renewal in the area," Mfeketo said.

The site of the pavilion would be paved and reincorporated into the promenade.

Mfeketo said that abandoned buildings, in addition to attracting anti-social elements, were also a fire risk and a health hazard. Addressing this was part of the urban renewal of the city.

The mayoral committee was also considering a proposal regarding the men's-only nude bathing facility, Graaff's pool, which, residents charge, had become a gay pickup spot. The city was looking at either modifying it or providing a screening wall.

Fifty problem structures have been identified by the city. Where these were privately owned, the city has asked owners either to renovate or demolish the buildings. –Sapa
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