Former Australian diplomat jailed for 13 years for paedophilia

May 11, 2004

William Stuart Brown
Photo - Channel News Asia
DENPASAR, Indonesia — An Indonesian court on Tuesday jailed a former Australian diplomat for 13 years for having sex with underage boys in the resort island of Bali, a court spokesman said.

William Stuart Brown, 52, alias Tony, was convicted of repeated acts of child abuse, the spokesman, Judge Lucius Sunarno, told AFP.

Prosecutors, who said last month Bali has become a "heaven for paedophiles," had asked for 12 years.

Three Australian federal police officers have been posted to Bali to work with their local counterparts to combat the crime.

Most of the trial was closed to the press to protect the identity of victims.

Brown had been charged with luring, "through the use of violence, trickery or a series of lies, two children (aged 16 and 14) to engage in, or allowed them to engage in, sexual acts."

Brown, who was teaching English at the time of the offences, was a second secretary with the foreign aid section in the Jakarta mission from 1982-1984. He was recalled before his posting was due to finish.

Prosecutors said that on January 1, Brown took the 16-year-old swimming and then forced him to have sex. He gave the boy 5,000 rupiah (60 cents) and warned him not to tell anyone.

They said Brown repeated the act with both children on January 4. He allegedly gave them each 20,000 rupiah and the same warning. But the parents of the 16-year-old pressed their son to disclose the incident and reported it to police. – AFP

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