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Speaking of Balls

Simon Sheppard,

They're the twin rocks of the family jewels. Nuts. Nads. Cojones. Yep, they're balls, and most guys have a couple.

The swelling, pleasure-producing penile shaft is generally the focus of genital attention, with the sperm-producing ovoids just dangling along for the ride. But testes have their enthusiasts, too. As one fan says, "I love balls. I first noticed it when I was looking at porn pictures, really getting off on looking at guys' nuts. Not just the big low-hangers, but the small ones in tight, wrinkled sacs, too. I'm not sure just why they excite me, but isn't that true for any turn-on?"

Testicles are little miracles of bioengineering, riding closer to or further from the body to keep their temperature just right for churning out sperm. And they're butch-making, too – a fount of masculinity-producing testosterone. But that's not what makes them special during sex.

"Balls are just plain fun," says a 30-something nad-admirer. "You can stroke them, squeeze them, lick them, pull on them, even get one (or both) in your mouth and do some sucking. That sort of thing can drive a sex partner crazy. I guess you could say there are two types of stimulation: surface and deep. You can focus on the sensitive scrotal skin, or play around with the balls themselves. Enjoyable either way. Or both." And there need not be four balls present to play the game: Even during solo sessions, many a masturbator has been known to cup his own nuts in one hand while the other is busy wanking away.

But not all ball-bouncing is so benign. "The scrotum is one of a guy's most sensitive zones," says one somewhat sadistic fellow, "and it excites me to get at least a little bit rough down there. Stretch those nuts out, tie them up, maybe slap 'em around a little." And, sure enough – human inventiveness being what it is – toy-using testicle-torturers can shop for a scintillating selection of gizmos at top-drawer leather stores - everything from ball-stretchers and scrotal weights to really nasty nut-crushers. Care must be taken, though; it's easy to take ball play too far, or even to do actual, sometimes severe damage.

Not everybody is crazy about getting their nuts played with; some guys view it as a distraction from the erect main event. But most guys love having their low-hangers attended to. One man fondly recalls, "I was with this one older man who was really into balls, and he knew how to caress my sac just right. It was just a soft, circular stroke with his fingertips, but it felt so damn great that every touch sent me right through the ceiling."

Some folks are so devoted to scrotal stimulation that they shave their sacs for extra sensitivity. That's a turn-off for our 30-something fellow, though: "I hate licking stubble. And let's face it; a hairless sac looks just weird, like some odd animal. Ick."

So remember: Testes aren't just for sperm production (a feat most queer guys could care less about, anyway). They're also round, firm, carry-with-you sex toys – playthings in a pouch. Even if you're one of those phallocentric men who view the hard-on as your primary plaything, an occasional detour to the dangling bits beneath can add a delightful dimension to sex. And if you are one of those guys who are crazy about balls, there's a whole ovoid world for you to explore, from mellow manipulation to outright manhandling.

So why not give those wobblies a whirl?

Anything else would be just plain nuts.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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