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Speaking of Boots

Simon Sheppard,

Some footwear fetishists get woodies for Weejuns, and other guys get hard for high-tops. But no men's shoe style is more sexually celebrated than the boot. The boot, of course, bespeaks masculine power. Motorcycle boots, military models, cowboy jobbies with pointed toes – they're what butch icons clomp around in.

There are basically two sorts of boot fanciers, though they have quite a bit of overlap: fetishists who drool over footwear, and guys who use boots as well-heeled sex toys. One fairly kinky guy recalls an example of the former: "I met this man who was into those dress boots that zip up the side – you know, like the Beatles wore. Other models wouldn't do; maybe he had a crush on Ringo Starr or something. When I told him I didn't have any like that, he asked me to buy some." He smiles. "I think of myself as an obliging fellow, but I draw the line at going shoe-shopping so I can get laid."

Every style of footwear has an erection-inspiring aura all its own, be it the working-class masculinity of tan work boots or the sadistic threat of silver-studded monsters. Often, the boot is just part of a fetishistic ensemble. Fetishists, are, in fact, likely to be specialists, focusing their desire on one type – or even one brand – of boot. Rare is the dick that gets hard at both fancy cowboy footwear and gleaming knee-high military boots. What's army drag, after all, without a suitable pair of combat boots?

And though well-polished leather has its appeal, scruffy, scuffed-up size 12s do, too. One butch boot-wearer boasts, "The whole gay biker scene started out with outlaw overtones, and I want to look a little nasty, not like I just spent a lot of money in some fancy leather store."

The message of boots, whether shiny or scuffed, is pretty well universal: "Bow down and worship me." And some fellows do just that, prostrate before the power that the shoes symbolize. "In one of the hottest scenes I've bottomed in," confesses one boot-worshiper, "I was at a party – not a sex party – and I started fooling around with this attractive man. Soon I was kneeling in front of him with my hands under the soles of his black boots. And this was in front of my friends!"

"I have this great pair of black lace-ups," says a leatherman, "that make me feel extra-dominant as soon as I put them on. I keep them highly polished, and if they do get scuffed, I just have some boy get down on his knees and shine 'em. Subs love to do that." Polishing scenes are so popular that some leather bars even have shoeshine stands, and it's safe to say their bootblacks aren't busy buffing wingtips. But that's only one sort of shoe-centered submission. Bootlicking is another perennial perverted favorite: Many a bottomboy has gotten off by kissing and tonguing footwear while dominant Daddy smiled down at spit-shined black leather.

Things can get directly sexual, too: A boot toe can play with booty, rubbing a buttcrack or even probing a willing hole. And sometimes power turns into pain. A hefty heel on a bottom's balls can give a masochist a pleasant ache, as can a kicking scene, done carefully and safely. Let's face it: if you're going to kick a bottomboy's butt, sandals won't do.

Unlike lots of fetish gear, boots are universally available and practical for everyday use, and you can wear them home to Mother without raising eyebrows. But in certain circles, when the boots go on, baskets get hard, and that's a good fit for a stomping great time.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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