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Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Ah, the appeal of tightie whities! Sure, these days men's underwear comes in a dazzling array of styles – from garishly patterned boxer shorts to almost-nothing thongs – but the sight of well-filled white cotton briefs still causes many a horny homo's heart to skip a beat.

It's not hard to see why guys' cocks get hard for tightie whities, whether they're pricey models with a designer's name on the waistband, or cheapies that come packaged in threes at Wal-Mart. Jockey shorts are matter-of-factly masculine, providing just enough coverage to tease, without the basket-erasing bagginess of boxers. Says one Fruit of the Loom lover, "I really get off on the way that briefs both conceal and reveal. That Y-front leaves just the right amount to the imagination, and a well-packaged bubble butt just looks so damn yummy. And when a guy gets hard inside his underwear...wow. Especially if his cockhead peeks over the waistband. Sometimes I think that guys in white briefs are sexier than if they were wearing nothing at all."

Briefs' allure, though, can go way beyond fashion. Full-fledged fetishists get off on the clothing itself quite independently of whatever flesh might fill it – as is also the case with jockstraps. And for something so common, briefs make appearances in a surprising number of kinky settings. At the exhibitionistic end of things, wet jockey shorts contests have filled many a bar with eager onlookers. (It's the kind of fun that can easily be approximated in your own home, too. Get in the shower with a briefs-clad playmate or two, and just add water.)

Moisture of another sort makes the waves in soak-your-undershorts piss play. Some funky fellows prefer briefs that are tattered and, um, less than clean; porn-star entrepreneurs even make an online business of selling their soiled briefs. Then there are those dudes who just adore giving over-the-knee spankings to undies-clad masochists. Briefs make a good gag, too. And one nasty top recalls, "I had negotiated with my play buddy to wear a dispensable pair of briefs. I took a pair of scissors and sliced into them till they were in tatters, which made his close-to-the-blades dick rock-hard."

But most men think of briefs in a somewhat more wholesome context. A pair of bulging Y-fronts is just such a guy thing, the sort of sexy sight you'll spy in the locker room of your choice. "I guess it goes back to my childhood," says one young fellow who likes older men, "to memories of seeing my father in his underwear. Because now when I play with a Daddy-type, I really, really want to stroke him through a pair of white briefs. And yes, they have to be white. The colored kind just won't do."

Many a man also likes the sheer sensation of wearing underwear that cradles the crotch and ass, and pushes his hard-on up against the belly. Who knew that something that Mom sewed nametags into for summer camp would end up being such filthy fun?

Shopping for shorts? There's a panoply of penis-stiffening possibilities. Though many purists still crave the original cotton, briefs are now available in leather, lycra, and lurex. There are models with extra uplift that pushes the package front and center, as well as provocative bikini-cut models. And there are hybrid boxer-briefs, styled with longer legs and often – for some reason – gray in color. A visit to any of the underwear fetish sites on the ever-accommodating Web can leave an undie fan's head spinning.

One fellow's affection for tightie whities, though, boils down to something really simple...as brief and uncomplicated as the underwear itself. "I just love to pull them down," he says.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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