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Speaking of Butts 2

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Sure, dicks are nice – no doubt about it.

But then there are butts, and let us sing in praise of the seat.

Many straight men are notorious ass-fanciers. As one observer puckishly points out, "Since women don't get woodies, het guys go for other protrusions – the famous 'tits and ass.'" But gay men aren't far behind in their admiration for the nether regions.

Posteriors may be nothing more than contoured masses of flesh, fat, and muscle, but they set many a man's blood racing. "There's nothing I like more," says one such fellow, "than a beautifully formed bubble butt. It's like a perfect piece of sculpture."

No wonder that gay men have traditionally favored such curve-caressing clothing as tight jeans, briefs, and Speedos. Though men's baggy fashions may come and go, many gay guys insist on showing off their butts – to the delight of other queer men.

Some great buttocks are born, not made. But – unlike with cocks – reshaping an ass is relatively easy. Men in search of shapelier bottoms will find that gym work or yoga will firm and tone.

But all sorts of flesh-globes have their admirers. Many fans of boyish guys fancy smooth, slim booty. On the other hand, there are those who crave more than a handful. "The more butt, the better," says one bear into other big guys. "Give me those big ol' furry cheeks. I love having something to hang onto while I'm humping."

There are also those with more catholic tastes. "I like all sorts of asses," says one. "As long as they're not too saggy or pimply, that is. There's nothing better than watch a guy slowly get undressed with his back toward me. Seeing the area just below the waist become bare, then the top of the crack, the curve of the butt and the full cleft...man, it turns me on."

The posterior's not just decorative, of course. The anal region is a major erogenous zone, and the surrounding area's a fleshy playground. "Butt-play," after all, means more than just hole-handling. Cheeks can be softly stroked, caressed, or kissed. Temperature play – from ice cubes to hot wax – will make tushies tingle.

But bottoms can also be beaten. Luckily, the butt's very fleshiness allows a certain amount of abuse compared to most of the body. Masochists may enjoy getting their tushies whacked with paddles or floggers, or even bitten. When it comes to punishing bottoms' bottoms, though, nothing's more popular than a good old-fashioned spanking...especially one dished out with expertise. Explains one top-of-the-line butt-blisterer, "Some parts of the butt, especially the general vicinity of the hole, are more erotically responsive to a good slapping than others. And though I play with all sorts of guys, if a man has pale skin that reddens easily, a well-spanked ass is prettier than any sunset."

When it comes to body-part preferences, there may well be a top/bottom dichotomy, with those who prefer to be pitchers more into manbutt than cock-oriented catchers. As one voracious consumer of porn pictures points out, "Photo spreads seem to be divided into those that show lots of ass, and those that don't. The more boyish, less butch the model, the likelier I'll be seeing plenty of butt. Which isn't to say it's not a thrill to see some masculine muscle-hunk naked on all fours with his bottom in full view."

So whether you wax rhapsodic over rumps, or love to have your posterior played with, or both, remember – a butt can be the seat of bounteous sexual delight

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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