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Speaking of Country Boys

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Yes, there is queer life – and gay lust – beyond the citified confines of Castro Street and Chelsea.

Thank God, as the old song says, for being a country boy.

Or – as many men think – for getting to fuck a country boy.

At a time of rapid urbanization – or at least suburbanization – the image of a horny young chap from the country still commands a cock-hardening appeal. The icon of the backwoods boy is enticing, whether the lad in question is a cowpoke who'd rather poke men, a farmer's son who needs to have more plowed than just the back 40, or that grown-up Tom Sawyer type skinny-dipping in the lake.

But just why are hayseed homos hot? Claims one L.A.-dweller, "City boys are all so jaded. Guys who are just off the farm are so much more innocent, open, and fun."

Masculine, too – at least in theory. It's like rough trade, without the "rough." Guys from the Great Outdoors – or the gas jockeys at the isolated service station out on the interstate – carry the aura of Real Men, and rare is the drag queen who struts her stuff where the deer and the antelope play. Small wonder that when country boys appear in porn stories, they're often doing manual labor, stripped to the waist, lean bodies gleaming in the sun. "Sure, it's a stereotype," says one fellow who moved to the city from the wilds of Montana, "but the truth is that men who hang out with a lot of queens in an urban environment are more likely to act affected themselves."

"The essence of the country boy mystique is that being close to the earth makes a guy somehow sexier," says one observer of the gay scene. "And there's the lure of an innocent, butch guy eager to be corrupted by a backwoods buddy, or by that archetypal traveling salesman from the big city. It's the lure of the hot-blooded virgin...in work boots. But there's room for both enthusiasm and experience, and a blowjob under open skies is better if the guy on his knees knows how to suck dick. It's even tougher if you're kinky in the middle of nowhere. There may be rope around the ranch, but hard to find a buddy who's willing to tie you up with it."

Then, there's "uninfected" – the idea that rural boys are less likely to have HIV, or other STDs. But while the rate of infection may generally be higher in cities than the countryside, it only takes one partner and some unsafe sex to pass a nasty.

And the love lives of country queers can be less than ideal. Says one, "Even in the Internet age, the dating pool in the boonies is pretty damn small. And distances are longer. The nearest gay bar is almost an hour's drive away, and when I do meet someone online, just hooking up is a major deal. So I end up jacking off a lot. On the upside, easy heterosexual fun isn't all that easy to get out here, either, so there are a number of straight guys who don't mind me sucking them off. Fun, but not all that fulfilling."

On top of that, in most isolated areas, gay-friendly support systems are few, and even finding a nonjudgmental doctor to confide in can be tough. Still, as our country boy says, "I kind of like it where I am – it's pretty, and it's where I grew up – and I'm afraid that if I moved into town, I'd be so preoccupied with getting laid that I'd never get anything else done."

Not everyone is enchanted by rural rump. Says our gay observer, "Listen, I've gone to bed with guys from New York and men from both Dakotas, and I'll be damned if I could see a difference, at least a geographically based one. Dick is dick."

But, as is the case with other sexual icons, the realities of the situation may hardly matter...at least when you're wanking. The longing for pure animal sex, untouched by the niceties of civilization, is a powerful one. If you're a city-dweller trapped in a cubicle for 40 hours a week, the lure of country boys can be strong. And if you're a strapping young man living out on the land, take heart. Lots of men who would love to get under your overalls and play with your wholesome hole.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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