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Speaking of Eating Butt

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

It's naughty and it's nasty. And sure, it's kind of risky, but a whole bunch of us adore it. It's anilingus, it's rimming, it's eating ass.

"Eating butt is my favorite sex act," says one extra-devoted rimmer. "I mean, sure I like getting blown or whatever. But there's nothing better than getting my tongue in a hole. It seems so intimate and committed. When I'm down there, I get swept up in butt."

Conversely, many a man is glad to get his legs in the air so an eager eater can slurp away. A nice, long session of rimming can serve as a wet prelude to hot fucking, or can be an end in and of itself. Certainly, the submissive aspects of ass-eating make it extra-hot for many. "Eat my butt, boy!" can add spice to a domination scene. Yet, paradoxically, it's often anal bottoms who get rimmed. "It just feels so damn great!" exclaims one bottom boy. "Some guys really know how to do it. They're total artists at rimming."

So is there a technique to butt-eating? Yes, indeed. There are plenty of variations – things like surface licking, deep tonguing, and up-and-down slurping of the perineum. And the position of the guy getting eaten makes a difference, too. Most men find the doggie position makes for deep, relaxed penetration. And then there's the ever-popular rim chair, essentially a toilet seat on short legs. Easily constructed, the rim seat makes extended face-sitting sessions comfy and efficient.

For many men, the funkiness of the whole hole thing is part of the draw; a bit of muskiness – or even more – adds to the allure. Others prefer the anus of their affection to be spotless and shiny clean, so, as with many another sex act, if someone wants to lick your tender rosebud, don't make assumptions. Ask.

And then there's the risk factor. While HIV isn't going to be transmitted tush-to-mouth, a whole bunch of things you don't want to get – including E. coli, amoebic dysentery, shigella, and hepatitis A – can be passed from pucker to mouth. Ideally, the use of a barrier like plastic wrap or a dental dam, preferably with a drop of lube against the hole, would keep things safe. But that's rare, really. As one man points out, "That thrilling, dangerous contact between mouth and butt is essential to my enjoyment. Otherwise, I might as well not do it."

Luckily, vaccination against hep A is now available and effective. But the other gunk is hard to prevent, easy to pick up, and can be a real problem to get rid of. It helps if you know your partner, and are sure his health is good and his hole is clean. But, in the final analysis, rimming always has an element of risk.

Like many other things, from smoking cigs to driving too fast, danger doesn't deter everyone. "It's just the hottest damn thing, getting that close to something you're not supposed to be near, putting your mouth where it doesn't belong, and giving another man pleasure that way," says another rim fan. "I'll rim till my mouth begins to ache, though just tasting someone's hole can make me nearly come. And it's only made me sick once, though that once was extremely unpleasant."

If you feel like that fellow does, odds are that nothing anyone says will deter you from your butt-munching ways. So – assuming no barrier's involved – stay as careful as you can, get your hep shots, and take otherwise good care of your health. If, on the other cheek, you're the one who gets licked, then take care of yourself, too. And, whether diner or dinner, when your hands aren't spreading your own ass or somebody else's, keep your fingers crossed.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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