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Speaking of Eating Jizz

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Yummy! Want sperm in your tummy?

Spooge is the main course for many men, hungry hunks who find it indigestible to stop sucking before getting a taste. "I love going down on a guy," says one open-mouthed fellow, "and feeling him blast into my throat."

Cum-gobbling can impart a near-mystical sense of incorporating the life force of another man through eating his "essence." Or – if that's too highfalutin – there's the simple satisfaction of getting a mouthful of fresh cream. Jism is, indeed, many gay guys' favorite acquired taste. It's gourmet goo they hunger for, like ripe Brie. (Actually, a spurt is, nutritionally speaking, not bad – low in calories and fairly high in protein, as well as containing fructose and vitamin C.)

For suckees, too, ingestion has its rewards. Says one, "I know it might sound silly, but if a guy refuses to swallow my load, I feel sort of cheated, maybe even rejected...especially if he spits it out."

Are you on the kinky side? Verbally inclined tops get a dominant thrill from saying, "Swallow it, you fucking cocksucker!" And many a man down on his knees is only too happy to follow those orders – or too polite to answer back with his mouth full.

That's not to say that spunk-swallowing is a universal passion. Some guys just can't abide the flavor, finding spooge too salty or bitter. If you're one of them, you might want to keep those incoming loads near the tip of your tongue, away from the taste receptors for bitterness, or to bypass the tongue entirely with a deep-throated swallow. And there's anecdotal evidence that ingesting some foods – like cranberry or pineapple juice – and avoiding onions, asparagus, and the like, may make for sweeter semen. Alcohol and tobacco, too, are said to make cum taste icky.

Then there's the issue of risk. If the dick you desire is carrying a sexually transmitted disease, watch out: Sucking unsheathed hard-ons is hardly safe. Plenty of nasties, including gonorrhea and syphilis, can be caught without swallowing, and many can even be transmitted without ejaculation taking place. Luckily, though, the biggest and baddest of bugs, HIV, is really tough to get through giving head. Since it appears that HIV can be passed in the mouth but not the gut, either spitting or swallowing is safer than a lengthy swish and savor. But though unprotected fellatio is less risky – and more popular – than fucking without rubbers, the sad but true fact is that only a condom keeps both guys truly safe. (Unless, of course, they're in an ongoing relationship and neither is doing risky stuff elsewhere.)

Faced with both dick-bred danger and horny hunger, some sprightly sex fans have figured out a workaround: eating their own spooge. "This guy I was with wanted to jack off while he was sucking me, both of us wearing rubbers," recalls one guy. "After we'd both come, he took off his rubber and poured his own cum in his mouth. Sort of weird, but sort of kinkily hot, too."

Risks or no risks, many of us choose to play the odds and eat ejaculate. One top who's been around the block says, "Hell, I don't know anybody who always uses condoms when they're giving head. But sure, if a trick asks me to put one on, I'll oblige. And if he asks me not to shoot in his mouth, I won't."

Still and all, plenty of men who wouldn't dream of having unprotected anal sex are swallowing spooge. Small wonder: Many men find it a little spurt from heaven, the breakfast of champion cocksuckers.

Eat up!

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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