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Speaking of Foot Worship

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

"Okay, I'm a foot fetishist," says one devoted kinkster, "and feet turn me on big time. But when I see a beautiful foot, I don't just want to touch it, to kiss it, to suck its delectable toes. I want to worship it. I need to worship it. Does that sound weird?"

Well, everybody's sexual favorite sounds weird to somebody. Cross-dressing, diaper play... Hell, there are, no doubt, gay men out there who find straight guys' yen for pussy utterly inexplicable. But, like many a fetish, footlove has deep, even fascinating, roots.

Many men trace their foot fetishism back to childhood, back to their fathers' size 10s. There you are, a little kid crawling around the big, powerful male figure in your life, your tiny self at Daddy's feet; is it any wonder that, eroticized in later life, that primal scene takes on a power that's damn near religious? (Jesus Himself, let's not forget, showed His humility by washing his disciples' feet. And statues of reclining Buddhas feature sacred symbols on the soles of the Enlightened One's feet.)

In nonsexual situations, groveling at someone's tootsies is seen as a sign of the utmost submission. So if a guy is actually turned on by the – literally – lowest part of another man, is it any wonder that sole-bound self-abasement is so damn hot? "When a man grants me access to his feet," one foot slave confesses, "I feel such overwhelming gratitude. I know I'm just where I belong."

To a neutral onlooker, a foot scene may seem subdued, perverse, even slightly silly: a guy slobbering all over another man's insteps and arches, raptly absorbed in feet (or boots or dirty socks). But to the participants, it's a dance of dominance and desire, made even more powerful by the displacement of all that erotic energy to a body part that's not overtly sexual. "Sure," continues Foot Slave, "any gay man can worship a hard-on. That's normal. But when I lose myself in a man's feet instead of his dick, it shows just what a sick puppy I really am. And when my attentions give my Sir pleasure, it makes me a proud sick pup."

All that heel-and-toe heat may not even be preplanned. "When I'm with a submissive," one experienced top says, "I like to surprise him with a command to get down on the floor and lick my boots, take them off, and then worship my bare feet. It's the kind of thing I don't necessarily negotiate beforehand. If he's not really into feet, the sub may hesitate. But I've yet to see a bottomboy refuse, or not get into it – at least eventually. See, I know what I'm doing."

There is, of course, no single proper script for a foot-worship session; tastes vary. Some guys, for instance, want the five-toed object of their veneration to be freshly washed. For others, the stinkier, the better. Foot Slave, again: "I want feet to smell like feet. If they almost make me gag, I know I'm having a good time." Ah, sweat mystery of love!

It's all a mystery, of course. What makes some of us want to lose ourselves in another man's eyes, asshole, or smelly big toe? Is it romanticism, pathology, or even an urge to the divine? Whatever it is, it makes dicks get hard, hearts pound, and some of us get down on our knees or on our bellies and, step by step, pay awestruck homage to the holy sole and the transcendent toe – to the divine foot.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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