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Speaking of Getting Sucked

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

"So this guy was going down on me, a real handsome man, more muscular than the guys I usually get," remembers one fellow. "It didn't take me long to shoot. But he refused to quit, and maybe 10 minutes later he got me to come again. OK, he might have been greedy, and I had to use a bit of fantasy to push myself over the edge the second time. But it was astonishing nonetheless."

Many times, being blown can be a mixture of getting serviced and getting drained. One guy who's almost always the one being done says, "It amazes me how most gay men would rather suck than get sucked. I mean, the mouth is an erogenous zone...but not as much of one as the prick. At least mine isn't."

Clearly, psychological factors are often at play in oral sex. A sucker's reward might be a matter of dominance and submission, of giving pleasure to a guy, or – at a mythic level – of incorporating the distillate of another man's maleness.

Yes, many a hungry homo takes pride in his penis-pleasing work, and the thoughtful top can play his tumescent part. Our frequent suckee says, "I do try not to just lie there. I'll moan and express pleasure – maybe a little more enthusiastically than is absolutely accurate. And if a guy seems on the submissive side, I'll give him commands, tell him exactly how to lick and suck. Or I'll stand over him while he's on his knees and push his head down, that sort of thing."

Even more dominant face-fucking is possible, too, whether an open-mouthed fellow is lying on his back with his head slung over the side of the bed, or being mounted by a rampant, randy male kneeling over his head.

Still, one of the pleasures of getting sucked can be its kick-back-and-enjoy-it aspect. Who, after all, doesn't treasure the skilled ministrations of a great fellator's tonsils and tongue? "Compared to most sex," says a maybe-lazy man, "getting head is easy. I don't have performance anxiety, like I do when I'm screwing. Really, the sucker does all the work, and that's just how I like it."

Even straight-but-pliant gentlemen who might bridle at the thought of other sorts of male/male hanky-panky have been known to enjoy being blown. "For one thing," says one observer, "a mouth is pretty gender-neutral. For another, lots of gay guys really know how to suck...better, I'm told, than many women."

Unlike buttsex, blowing requires little preparation or equipment and can be performed, impromptu, just about anywhere two guys can fit. Its lower-risk nature can be attractive, too. Condoms, while advisable in theory, are seldom actually used for fellatio. But getting blown is decidedly not risk-free. While HIV transmission is near-impossible, all sorts of other STDs, from syphilis to herpes, can be passed from mouth to shaft. More than one fellow who's ended up with a painful, dripping dick has been surprised to learn that gonorrhea can hide in the throat. So all the usual cautions apply.

Whether it's a leisurely scene of mouth-gone-south or a vigorous tonsil-battering, getting sucked is surely one of life's great joys. As our laid-back suckee says, "Sure, each man's technique is different. There are totally astonishing deep-throaters, while other guys – let's face it – are lousy cocksuckers. But there's just something so deluxe about having a guy drain the jism from my body. It never gets old. As long as the guy watches his teeth."

Now go feed the hungry.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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