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Speaking of J.O. Buddies

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Sure, sucking is swell, and fucking can be fine. But there are times when a guy wants to lend his friend a hand...especially if that hand is dripping wet with lube. Though solo masturbation may be the world's most popular indoor sport, meat-beating with a buddy can be laid-back, low-key, and extra hot.

"I really like mutual J.O. scenes," says one chronic masturbator. "There's not a lot of bullshit involved. A couple of guys whip it out, maybe put on some porn, grab onto each other's wood, and there you go."

It's not necessary to learn a lot of technique, since most of us already know how to wank. That sexy simplicity is one reason so many boy-to-boy beginners are attracted to being J.O. pals. Even the straight-identified and bi-curious have been known to try their hand at bringing a bud to climax.

"OK, I'm really, totally gay," says one rather duplicitous fellow, "but I like to advertise for guys who want to come over, watch straight porno, and jack off. Sometimes it starts out with a 'no touching' rule, but we all knows where that usually goes."

Mutual masturbation is about as low risk as flesh-to-flesh sex can get. The safety is of an emotional sort, too. Compared to face-to-face sex, jacking side-by-side seems to many to be more masculine, and less liable to go beyond "just friends." It's intimacy without commitment, getting close but not too close.

Says one fellow, "I'm in a kind-of-open relationship, so when I have contact with other men, I tend to keep it on the manual level, usually in the steam room at the gym or the like. It's nice, but it's not a threat, even if I play with the same dude more than once."

"More than once" is just how some men like it, of course. The whole notion of "buddy" is based on repeated randiness – habits like stopping by a pal's place for an after-work brew and a handjob. Recalls one jerker, "For years, I'd regularly visit this older man. He was attractive, fun to hang out with, and hung like a horse. We'd jack ourselves, then each other, and I'd come and go. He finally moved away, and I miss him; nobody else I've found has had his exquisite touch."

Being J.O. buddies is convenient, too. No elaborate equipment is required, just a bit of spit, a tube of lotion, or a couple of foreskins. And cleanup - given some careful aiming and a tissue or two – is a snap. It's the kind of carnal fun that can happen in a hot tub, a lockable office bathroom, or an automobile – preferably parked.

J.O. buddydom isn't restricted to twos, either. There are clusters of circle-jerking friends who get together to get off, safely stroking and spurting their way through the night. More formally, full-fledged masturbation parties are devoted to the gentle art of genital jacking en masse. It's not just a vacation; it can be an education. "Different guys beat off in different ways, and I'm always fascinated – and turned on – to watch," says one happy homosexual. "I've had some amazing experiences with guys who knew how to get me to the edge and keep me there. Hell, I've adopted some of their techniques myself."

So go on. Find yourself a penile pal and join in a fiesta of finger-facilitated fun. You have nothing to lose but your load.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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