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Speaking of Jockstraps

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

QSyndicate Long before the advent of pricey designer underwear, studded leather codpieces, and cute little male g-strings, the jockstrap was a fashion turn-on for generations of queer men. And, for many of us, it still is.

As jock fetishist Doug Harrison writes, "A hunk is a hunk, but a hunk in a jockstrap is a gift. If I could have one, and only one scene, it would be with another man, both of us in jockstraps... Bodies rubbing and squirming, hairy chest to hairy chest, pouch to pouch."

The appeal of the lowly jockstrap seems pretty easy to fathom. It's a signifier of masculinity - not the showy masculinity of butch leather outfits, but an easy, unforced maleness. It is, after all, the underwear of the athlete, the hallmark of sweaty sports. And it reeks of the camaraderie of the locker room, the place where most of us first got our first glimpse of masses of naked male flesh.

It's sort of the Wonderbra for the cock, lifting the equipment and pushing it front and center. The feel of it, semi-confining, keeping dickflesh tight against belly, has erotic appeal. A full-fledged stiffy struggling to escape the confines of stretchy fabric can be way hot. But there's also something of the cocktease about it. The jockstrap conceals as it reveals, showing off the basket's lines while keeping the final revelation under elasticized wraps. And for such a macho bit of fashion, its message is surprisingly mixed, restraining the straining penis while leaving the butt naked, asscheeks temptingly framed, the hole wholly open to penetration. When it comes to fetishwear, the jockstrap is a stretchy little paradox. And kinda queer to boot.

No matter. The aficionados of the athletic supporter are legion. And, as is the case with any clothing-connected kink, tastes vary. While many guys prefer the classic style, snowy white and ready for the first day of Phys Ed, some jockstrap fanciers crave variety; a number of gay-oriented clothing stores carry custom-dyed jocks in all the colors of the rainbow. Jet-black jockstraps, especially on light-skinned guys, can be striking, and it's unsurprising that variations made with fetish materials like leather and latex are out there on the market, too. Some jock fans collect 'em by the dozens; they're budget-priced buggers, so why not grab a handful?

Not everyone's turned-on by the spic-and-span, fashion-ready jockstraps, though. Sweaty, smelly, and stained supporters get some guys going. Wet jocks, soaked through with water or, er, other fluids, have a definite appeal. (Damp pouches are more translucent, too - a wet striptease.) And amongst those with hard-core tastes, ripped-up, stretched-out, stiffened-by-use jockstraps have been known to set many a kinky heart aflutter.

Beyond simply wearing the things, there are several play possibilities. There's sniffing them, of course, a throwback to the hobby of the twisted locker-room attendant. Jacking off into jocks can also be fun. On the bondage-and-discipline front, a jockstrap over the head makes for a team-sports hood, and stuffing a jock into the mouth of an unruly bottom can be cool while playing a coach-and-jockboy scene.

But it's as apparel that the jockstrap usually shines. Under ripped-up jeans, baggy sweats, or by its own skimpy lonesome, the athletic supporter not only protects the family jewels, but showcases them as well. And it produces quite a few hard-ons along the way. Not bad for a few ounces of elasticized cotton.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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