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Speaking of Mutual Masturbation

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Mutual masturbation has been around at least as long as the Boy Scouts, most likely dating back to the dawn of time. It's safe to assume that ever since men began to sit around campfires, they've been whacking each other off. It's still, though, a great way to have sex. It is, along with sixty-nining, one of the most egalitarian forms of sex there is – no top, no bottom, just mutually assured genital stimulation. Maybe for that reason it's sometimes assumed to be "foreplay," a curtain raiser to penetration. And that's a shame.

Jacking a guy's meat while he plays with yours can be a delight in and of itself. As they say in techo-speak, it's a feedback loop. Both of you react to the other's touch, each doing something similar to the other, but not the same. Because no two men's masturbatory repertoires are the same, it's also a learning experience – you get to find out just what kind of stroking, squeezing, and slapping gets your partner off, and who knows, you may pick up a tip or two that'll come in handy during subsequent solitary wanks.

Mutual j.o. has some pleasant social overtones, too. It forms the horny basis of "Want to come over, watch some videos, and jack each other off?" scenes. It's a friendly kind of thing, and with its regular-guy feel, is perfect for men who may not be gay-identified, or who'd like to keep things on a good-buddy level. It's perfect for impromptu carousing, too, since the only equipment required is some spit and a Kleenex or two. It's also an any-number-can-play game, more likely than other types of group play to include all concerned on an equal footing, er, handing.

Unlike activities requiring latex, mutual jack-off is partnered sex that can use any kind of lube, no matter how oily or greasy. (You might want to watch out for that nice, new sofa, though.) For safety's sake, it might be a good idea to use shared lube only if it's in a pump dispenser or pour bottle, rather then a tub of goo. That being said, mutual masturbation is pretty damn safe. Transmitting STDs is possible but unlikely, especially if the other guy's cum or pre-cum is kept away from your slit. In particular, from what we know, mutual j.o. seems unlikely to transmit HIV, but it's a bad idea to use someone else's cum as your lube.

In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, jacking off's low-risk nature led to a boomlet in wank-off parties, often put on by a national network of party-givers called the "Jacks." The rules of these parties were pretty simple. You paid your admission, stripped off what clothes you wish, and went at it, solo, in pairs, or in groups. Any kind of oral or anal sex was off limits, and the friendly, fluid nature of the activities helped put the fun back in sex during a truly anxious time. These parties are still put on in a number of places, and similar soirees are pretty easy to arrange, either as a commercial enterprise or an invitational night for a bunch of buddies.

Be it a quick relief of tension, an excruciatingly pleasant exercise in extended stimulation, or a fun-filled group spurt, mutual cockplay rocks. There's no reason to let that hard-on go unattended when there's sure to be someone out there willing to lend a hand.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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