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Simon Sheppard,

Some homos get hard at the sight of a jockstrap, and tighty-whitey briefs set many a gay man's heart aflame. But women's panties?

Sure thing. Surprising as it may be to those of us uninitiated in underwear fun, perky panties are carnal catnip to many a pleasantly perverted gay guy.

Budding transvestites might put on women's scanties as a tentative first step on the road to full cross-dressing. Panties are easy to buy without raising suspicion, and it's simpler to hide them away than to conceal a Gaultier gown.

But while pre-op transsexuals may tuck their equipment, other guys let it all hang out, their provocative panties just barely accommodating bulging baskets. "I'm not turned on by fellows in full drag," says one lingerie enthusiast, "and goodness knows I'm thoroughly gay. I like men, real men. It's just that it's so damn hot to see a well-built guy wearing silky panties that show off the curves of his crotch and butt."

On a simple level, it's easy to see how the contrast of a muscular male body and shiny, form-fitting underwear could indeed be an aesthetic treat, sort of like an Olympic swimmer in Speedos. Or to understand that tight-fitting, satiny underwear feels great to a guy who wears it. But sexual desire is rarely quite that simple, and a man wearing women's panties can pose a bunch of cock-stiffening possibilities.

There's the gender-transgression aspect of wearing women's underwear, a frilly little touch that says, "I may be a man, but I'm clothing my dick in something queer." One guy who's built up quite a lingerie collection confesses, "I love wearing panties under my business suit. They not only feel fabulous, it's like I have a sexy little undercover kink, and nobody on the street even suspects what a fun-loving perv I am."

When a partner is present to witness the wearing, the donning of women's underthings can be a seductive sign that promises, "I'll be your pussyboy tonight." Effeminate guys seem femmier in panties, while butch men surrender their masculine facades when they pull on a pair.

For some anally oriented men, panties are part of the pleasures of penetration. Says one, "I really like to have a man pull my panties down to my knees and fuck the living daylights out of me." For more adventurous guys, it can turn a Daddy/boy scene into a Daddy/girl one. Kinkier still, panties are perfect props for potent – if more-or-less misogynistic – degradation scenes. "There's this submissive bottom I play with," says a twisted top. "When we get together, I shave his pubes and dress him up in trashy panties, real Frederick's of Hollywood stuff, crotchless or trimmed with feathers. Then while he goes down on me, I tell him what a screwed-up slut he is. We both really get turned on by it."

And then there are the hardcore fetishists who worship the panties themselves, even if no one's wearing them. "I have a pair of flowered cotton panties that I beat off with," confesses one such fellow. "I guess it goes way back to when I used to sneak into my mother's dresser drawers." He grins impishly. "I like to let them get good and crusty."

In a world of binary gender, men in women's underwear will always carry the tang of the forbidden. But whether it's an innocent game of "dress up and show off," or nastily imaginative role-play, plenty of queer men are putting on panties and getting off. Be it a dowdy cotton number or a fire-engine-red thong, a pair of panties can provide a perverse prop for dick-delighting dress-up. Let's just call it "Victor's Secret."

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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