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Simon Sheppard,

The human body can be a marvelously flexible thing. But if you want to change positions, you need not have the yoga-like ability to suck yourself off – just a yen to explore a few new twists. Playing with positioning can make it easier to expertly fuck and/or suck, as well as perk up the dominance/submission aspects of sex. And, as we all know, variety is the spice of sex.

Fellatio is fertile ground for choreographic improvisation. While the sucker-down-on-his-knees position is the classic, other cockhounds prefer the kicked-back approach, where the guy getting blown lies back in bed or slouches in a chair while his shaft gets slobbered on. And then there are those suckers who prefer to lie on their backs – sometimes with their head hanging over the edge of the bed – while Mr. Erection gets shoved down their throats. "I just love to get my mouth fucked," confesses one hungry man, "and the less control I have, the better." On the other dick – er, hand – the mutual stimulation of the 69 position's simultaneous sucking is less about power than pleasure.

When it comes to anal sex, the top is usually, well, on top; most bottoms tend to like the submissive feeling of being slammed into from above. And sometimes tradition is best. "I really prefer old-fashioned face-to-face fucking," says one fellow. "That way I can look into the other guy's eyes and kiss him. Guess I'm just a romantic, huh?" But doggy-style, with the bottom on all fours and the top blasting into his butt from behind, is a perennial favorite with bottomboys who enjoy feeling used.

Straddling a lying-back partner and riding his erection gives a fuckee more control, a definite plus for guys who are tight or who are new to getting screwed. And there are other benefits to the position, especially when done face-to-face. "There's nothing that feels better," says another anal sex fan, "than leaning way back when I'm sitting on a hard-on. It hits my prostate gland just right."

From-the-rear approaches can also persuade a reluctant sphincter to let go, and there are a Kama Sutra's worth of other possible penetration positions, offering ample opportunity for orgasmic joy and an occasional leg cramp.

Of course, sexuality isn't just about poles and holes. Exploring each other's bodies can introduce men to a panoply of new pleasures. As one fella who's into feet confides, "When I screw someone, I like him to be on his back, with his legs in the air. That way I can get his feet near my face, where I can lick and play with them. Even a bottom who's never done foot play before can really get off on that – almost as much as I do."

And then there's the even kinkier stuff. The gentle art of bondage is largely positional, even if the tied-up guy in question is rendered motionless by the expert application of ropes or a roll of plastic wrap. Do you like the idea of a spread-eagled man in your bed, his erection reaching ceiling-ward? Find a willing victim and a skein of clothesline, and mold flesh and sinew to your will. Go ahead – you know you want to, you pervert, you.

That's not to say that every positional experiment ends in erotic success. Pornographic pretzeling can result in clumsiness, discomfort, even falling off the bed. But getting locked in an erotic rut can be even more disastrous. So find yourself a willing partner or three and see what variations you can cook up. Sex is, after all, dancing with dicks, so why not try out a few new steps?

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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