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Speaking of Sucking Scenes

Simon Sheppard,

For such a simple activity – one man's mouth sucking another guy's dick – giving head can be an activity filled with imaginative fun. It's not just a matter of oral technique, though that's important, too. It's the libidinous trimmings that can make or break a sucking scene.

On one hand, there's the anonymous suck. A long-running feature of public sex, it can be reproduced in the comfort of your own home with a do-it-yourself glory hole – a dick-sized aperture drilled through a door or wall panel. (For those lacking carpentry skills, a blindfold makes an acceptable stand-in prop. Or just turn the lights off.) No names are used, hardly any words are spoken – and when they are, they tend toward the classic "Yeah, suck that dick." One man on his knees, the other standing with a hard-on. Service with a suck. Simple. As one cocksucker puts it, "I love to go down on guys. Why complicate it with personalities or chit-chat?"

For the more communicatively inclined, though, fellatio can be the foundation of a full-fledged scene. "I met this younger guy who wanted to do a student/teacher role play," recalls one man. "We pretended he'd never sucked anyone off before, and I told him, step by step, exactly what to do and how. It was...well, educational."

Sucking scenes like that one often have an element of dominance and submission, with the servicing sucker belittled as "just a wet hole." That brings up, though, the question of who in sucking scenes is "on top." One guy who's orally versatile theorizes, "I think the idea that the sucker is submissive comes from heterosexual stuff. But most gay men want cock in their mouths, so when a man lets me suck him, who's really using who?"

That question is moot when the men involved switch off, or when they sixty-nine it, sucking each other simultaneously. Even then, though, the mental trimmings can be as hot as the feel of hard flesh. The versatile fellow rhapsodizes, "A hit or two of poppers during a good sixty-nine, and my imagination goes way out there, like we're two hungry animals feasting on each other, and all I can think of is meat."

Hunger is, in fact, a frequent theme in suck scenes. "Sometimes I'll put an ad on the Internet and just have as many people as I can find come over and feed me their cum," says one man with a big appetite. "I'll just be waiting at home for them to drop by and unzip. It's strictly blow-and-go." (There are, needless to say, health risks associated with that sort of jamboree, even if orgasm's not involved. Though often not used, nonlubricated condoms will keep things safer.)

Face-fucking can also lend itself to major-league kinky fun, whether it's grabbing onto the collar around a submissive sucker's neck, or tying a guy to the bed before you pound into his throat. At the other end of the sex spectrum, oral sex can be a sign of loving devotion. "Sometimes I'm still half-asleep when I feel my lover's mouth on me," says one partnered fellow. "It's like a good-morning kiss, only better."

Maybe even more than anal sex, fellatio is the universal language of male/male sex. And it's a tongue that can be spoken with a variety of accents, from gentle to jarring, contrived to impromptu. Whether it's a furtive fast-food quickie in the back seat of a car or an extended dessert with whipped cream on top, going-down scenes are a great way to get off.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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