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Gay pride world wide amid gains in US, Canada
Israeli Gay Pride (Photo: AFP)Days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws against sodomy, gay pride parades around the United States offered gays and lesbians a chance to celebrate a historic victory they hope marks a new era of equality and respect.

Gaultier's perfect summer
From masculine vests over chiseled chests to waiters' aprons, from open track suits to a slim dandy on heels, the bad boy French designer explored his multi-faceted vision of men, ranging frommacho stud to effeminate pretty boy.
Indulge desire with Hyundai
Hyundai is replacing its curvy Coupe with a strikingly stylish new Tiburon sports car, complete with the boosted performance option of V6 power for the price of four-cylinder competitors. Tiburon is evocative of the new sharper-edged design.
Slice me nice
Herbs are essential ingredients for flavoring and spicing up recipes all over the world. Without them, eating would be pretty bland. Herbs add flavor, character, and uniqueness to recipes.

Queer on TV
The James Dean biopic premieres and Madiba boogies on MTV, but that's not all: the Baroness goes Below the Belt, South Park goes even futher and Eric McCormack talks about how his mother was upset he was playing a lawyer.