Mr. Gay South Africa� 2009 - The Winners

December 09, 2009

The Winner - Charl van den Berg
PRETORIA — On 28 November 2009 the South African State Theatre in Pretoria played host to the most glitzy event on the 2009 social calendar and arguably the richest male pageant in South African history.

The event was very well attended and the Opera was packed with very exuberant spectators and it was a show to die for. The famous air-hostess Cathy Specific in her signature baby blue outfit greeted the audience as they took their seats and exchanged a few words with some of the front row audience members.

Jason Greer was a fantastic choice for master of ceremonies and did a splendid job while looking absolutely dashing while at it. The venerable Judy Page kicked off the evening's entertainment repertoire and did justice to her every song.

First up was the casual wear round with apparel by True Religion, Queerly Inappropriate and sunglasses from Jean Paul Gaultier. Every contestant looked utterly gorgeous and subsequently the Look of Gaultier award went to Chris Macgregor.

Tim Moloi then performed a stunning performance showing his vocal prowess and proving why he is such an admired singer.

After only partially recovered from the shock of awe brought on by Judy and Tim's singing we were treated to the swimwear round with all 15 contestants dressed in glittering Bone Wear swimwear. Chris Macgregor took the award for Bone Wear Model of the Year and he definitely deserved it.

Jose Rodrigues A fantasy parade followed designed by Peter Bondesio in what can only be described as total creative carte blanche and an impressive imaginary world erupted on stage with contestants dressed in eclectic, odd, strange yet very interesting outfits. It was certainly very entertaining and visually stimulating in a surreal kind of way.

Cathy Specific then took stage and sang This is my life and she was truly astonishing. The Mr. Kempinski award was then handed over to Jose Rodrigues who appeared from a Lexus convertible which drove on stage with much fanfare.

The Mr. Toolbox MCQP award went to a very deserving Nate de Vries and was handed over after a montage advertising the Mother City Queer Project party of this December. The Mr. Personality title was awarded to Du Preez Strauss, a run-away winner.

Finally after more than a year the winner and runners-up were announced to a very anticipating crowd, congratulations to:

- Mr. Gay South Africa � 2009 - Charl van den Berg
- First runner-up - Jose Rodrigues
- Second runner-up - Iggy Mnisi

Charl van den Berg will represent South Africa at the Mr. Gay World pageant in Oslo in February in 2010 and received a plethora of prizes while Judy Page sang New York New York, as the winner won a trip to New York as well.

Iggy Mnisi The event was of outstanding quality and showed that the South African LGBTIQ community does it the best. The evening had a decidedly jazzy feel with exuberance and elegance, well done to everyone involved.

Kudos to the directors of the Mr. Gay South Africa � pageant - Cor Jansen van Rensburg (CEO), Coenie Kukkuk (Media & Legal) and Juan C. Lerm (Operations)

A note of appreciation to: Judy Page, Cathy Specific, Tim Moloi, Kevin Ellis, Jason Greer and Marius Erlank.

Well done to the production team: Juan C. Lerm (executive producer), Anne Williams (director), Vanessa Nicolau (stage manager), Mairi Surtees Cameron (artist coordinator), Nico Steyn (video & film director), Duy Vo Lap (photographer), Gerrit Prinsloo (choreographer) and Christiaan Harris (AV & visuals).

And last but not least, all of the contestants, well done: Charl van den Berg, Chris Macgregor, Dale Joseph, DuPreez Strauss, Iggy Mnisi, Jacques Krause, Jacques Snyman, Jan du Toit, Jose Rodrigues, Karel Petzer, Leo Jan de Beer, Shahin Eskandar, Gavin Deale, Tyrone Roberts and Nate de Vries.

We are surely looking forward to 2010. - Cobus Fourie – Issued by Mr Gay SA

Mr. Gay South Africa�
  • The 2010 Mr. Gay South Africa Calendar by well-known photographer Duy Vo Lap - more can be seen here - will become available within the next week or so. There are only 1 000 printed, it will become a very sought-after collector's item and pre-orders have been mounting - if you want to order one at R150 before Christmas, you get a 33.3 % discount and the end price will be R100 then plus postage. Please send your name & postal address to juan@mrgaysouthafrica.co.za.


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