Bitter Girl: "Weightlifting"
October 29, 2007

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"What's Your Poison"
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"Holiday on Ice"
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"In-flight Meal"
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"Tale of the Tape"
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Forget Me Not
"Layaway Plan"
"Interview with the Vamp"
"Pop the Question"
"Buddy System Failure"
"Roomie With a View"

"Pep Rally"
"Horror High"
"Imaginary Friends"
"Smooth Move"
"Caveat Renter"
"Home Suite Home"
"Secret Ballots"
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"Hear No Evil"
"If You Can't Take the Heat"
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"Aisle Be Seeing You"
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"Prepare to Engage"
"Savor Her Favor"
"True Confessions"
"Keeping Time"
"Soakin' Of My Love"
"Matchmaker Mapmaker"
"Decent Proposal"
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"Scandal Less"
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"Heart Time"
"Running In Place"
"Travel Broadens the Mind"

Rhythm Method
"Calendar Girl"
"Cut to the Chase"
"Double Deal"
"Bad Aftertaste"
"Game Theory"
"Bus Stop"
"I Live To Serve"
"What Are Friends ForS"
"Go Out Drinking"
"Law of Desire"
"The Ball's In Your Courtin'""
"Dyke Tips for Straight Chicks"
"Please Help"
"Cutting Edge"
"Stay Cool"
"Drum Role, Please"
"Snappy Answer"
"Hire Grounds"
"Sore Chooser"


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