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Speaking of Ball Stretching

Simon Sheppard,

Most of us, let's face it, like to have a guy fuck around with our nuts - lick them, suck them, stroke them. But some of us enjoy scrotal action that's a bit more...extreme.

"I've found that I really enjoy having my sac stretched all the way out. When I masturbate, I do it myself. But I really like it when somebody else takes matters in hand - so to speak," says one enthusiastic fellow. "I love to look down and see my low-hangers all tied up. The feeling I get, somewhere between a dull ache and pure pleasure, really gets me off."

As with any sexual jolly, the turn-on's not universal, but a bit of cautious exploration never hurts. (Well, okay, it may hurt, but in a good way.) Try grabbing around the base of his (or your) ballsac firmly and giving it a gentle tug. Sweet? Then grip more firmly, pull harder. (You won't want to try this, of course, if there's a pre-existing injury down there, but healthy huevos can generally withstand some sexy stimulation.)

"Once they're stretched out and shiny," says our ball-play fan, "I like the guy to slap them gently, very gently, with the palm of his hand." Which brings up an important point: one man's hearty slap is another man's love tap. Balls and their associated thingies are vulnerable, and while that vulnerability can be a big part of the thrill, start slow and ramp up gradually and do not ever take things past the point of bearable sensation, OK?

Unsurprisingly, consumer capitalism has come up with a variety of ball-stretching toys, from a simple snap-to-close leather cylinder to some fairly elaborate gizmos. Some are double-ringed, combining cockring with ball-stretchers, while others separate the nuts while distending them. Their are also parachute-shaped stretchers you can hang weights from, really pulling those puppies taut.

You can, if you wish, spend a week's pay on a Spanish Inquisition's worth of leather and/or metal stretchers. Or, in a frugal do-it-yourself spirit, just tie those nuts up with a 5-foot length of soft nylon clothesline. (Don't use thin or hard cords that might bite too hard.) Perhaps the easiest method is to loop the near end of the rope around the base of both dickshaft and balls and use that as an anchor as you sensuously but nastily wrap the cord around the ballsac in a gradual stretch, eventually tying the two ends together. Hard to describe in words, but not rocket science. G'wan, give it a try.

If you've already fucked around with more than a scrotum or two, you'll know that both the size of the nuts and the looseness of the sac varies from guy to guy. The bigger the nuts, and the lower the low-hangers, the easier your job will be. But many testes can be coaxed to come out to play. (For one thing, the scrotum's heat-sensitive in order to maintain the right temperature for sperm; what might, in a cold shower, seem like tight raisins may well ripen into swinging plums in more tropical climes.)

Cautions? Well, you don't want to leave stretching devices on too long. Whether using rope or a stretcher, beware of pinching the sac's tender flesh: that's the sort of pain that none but the hardest-core masochist enjoys. And remember, the balls are slippery devils and can sneakily escape from bondage, sometimes with an unplanned, nonenjoyable degree of discomfort.

Does all this make you think ouch? Well, even if it does, if it also gives you at least a little shivery thrill, maybe, just maybe, sac-stretching is your bag.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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