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Speaking of Baskets

Simon Sheppard,

"Sure, there's much more to a man than just a 5-inch tube of flesh," says one gay guy. "But even so, I like to see a guy with a big basket." And he's not alone – superficial as it may seem, many a queer fellow often finds his eyes drifting downward to take the measure of a man's meat.

The term "basket" usually refers to the clothed cock, not the naked thing itself. And there's no denying that big baskets have their charms, though the bulge where penis meets packaging can provide either a mouthwatering glimpse of coming attractions or a misleading mound. Connoisseurs of cock know there are growers and there are show-ers, and that you can't always judge a gift by its wrapping. "Sometimes a guy can have a huge basket, but then, when you get to it, a so-so erection, and sometimes it's the other way around," muses one mister. So when it comes to looks-big-below-the-belt, it's a case of basket-cruiser beware.

There's a handful of strategies for bulking up your image. Trousers that are snug – but not too tight – will accentuate the positive, while thin nylon pants sans underwear reveal the answer to the question "Cut or uncut?" Rearranging the goods can make quite a dick-defining difference. Many a guy hangs left, his equipment heading down his portside pants leg, so a shift to the right of the center seam can make his shaft seem more sizable. And proper placement of mouthwateringly big balls will also pump up the package.

Underwear, too, can enhance eroticism. Some briefs designed for uplift make the most of a man's meat, but they mask the shaft's shape, trading bulk for definition. Thongs and jockstraps, too, push the penis front and center. (Ever notice how ballet dancers seem to have the most eye-popping endowments tucked in their tights? Their thong-like "dance belts" are responsible.) If you'd like to let your trouser snake crawl temptingly down your leg, boxers will let your goods hang free (as will "freeballing" – wearing no underwear at all).

Then there's anatomical amplification that verges on the fraudulent. A cockring will keep things nicely swollen, though extended wear is decidedly not recommended. Sanding or bleaching the crotch of a pair of blue jeans give a boy's basket visual oomph, and for those without scruples, slipping a sock down one's trousers will do the big-dick trick.

Not all basket watchers are of the bigger-is-better persuasion. As one says, "I like to see some trace of dick beneath a man's clothes, and it need not look humongous; I think it's sexy just to be reminded of what's there. So those baggy hip-hop fashions don't do it for me. I do like watching a guy swinging inside a pair of sweatpants, and a well-filled pair of Speedos will make a day at the beach so much hotter."

The male of the species, it seems, has always wanted to say "Look how big mine is." New Guinea tribesmen wear outsized penis sheaths. Medieval gentlemen wore codpieces that made the crotch the center of sartorial attention. And many a present-day leatherguy has worn a black cowhide pouch, sometimes studded with studly silver studs.

Yes, basket-flaunting is an old and noble occupation. So if you want to go ahead and dangle some bait, you, too, can accentuate the penis-bulge. And odds are that your fellow gay guy – even if he consciously thinks dickly display is vulgar – will steal a glance. Be realistic about padding the goods: If you're aiming for action, and not just display, you might not want to let your basket write a check your cock can't cash.

But, as one well-endowed stud says, "Hey, I like to show off what I've got. Why the hell not?"

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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