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Speaking of Diaper Play

Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

It's the kind of thing that would appall many a rock-ribbed prude: a gay guy in diapers. With a hard dick.

It's also a touchy topic for many queer men, toying as it does with the stereotypes of gay men as pedophiles and of gay men as hopelessly immature. But for others, that's part of the transgressive fun. "Sometimes," says one diaperboy, "it's nice to just let go and get nasty. Who the hell does it hurt, anyway?"

For many guys into diaper play, it's usually part of an age-regression scene - pretending to be a little boy. That sort of infantilism play can include not just Luvs, but a love of other props: rattles, teething rings, an oversize playpen. Still, the diaper is most always the main erotic component - baby-drag, as it were. And drag is just what it is, clothing for playing. One man who loves topping in diaper scenes explains, "I really have no interest at all in young boys, not even twinks in their early 20s. Adult men in diapers is what turns me on, watching them let go of their maturity and just wallow."

Wallowing, in this case, usually means having sex of one sort or another while dressed in those didees. Things can get squishy: masturbating in or through a diaper can result in a pleasantly warm, wet crotchful of cum. And sometimes it includes a bit of hardcore messiness - pee-pee in the pants, then perhaps changing diapers, the odor of baby powder in the air. As with any other fetish, tastes vary: some guys prefer disposable didees, others classic cloth, and plastic training pants can keep things from getting too sloppy. And just the kinky aesthetics can be a kick. Mr. Diaper Top says, " I love the look of a trim man, his body defined, wearing a diaper that's bulging with a hard-on. The diaper's the opposite of form-fitting, and that bulkiness contrasting with smooth flesh really turns me on."

Not every diaper scene is about age regression. Hanging out in Huggies also can be about the degrading (if temporary) disempowerment of a happily submissive bottom. Says one kinky fellow, "For me, having someone dress me in diapers isn't about pretending to be a baby. It's all about humiliation." In this case, it's humiliation with safety pins attached. Yet, kink can be more complex than it seems to the causal eye. In one of the many paradoxes of perversion, diaper-play scenes can be full of mock-parental affection, the vulnerable would-be babe being coddled by a loving (if sometimes strict) Daddy top.

This sort of costumed kinkiness need not be restricted to the playroom. "I love wearing diapers under my pants when I go out, like I have a secret. Sometimes I let the secret show a bit, keeping the waist of the diaper visible above my jeans." He smiles. "I guess I'm a pervert, huh? One thing I'd like to do, but never have, is go to a bar or sex club or somewhere with a kinky top, and have him pull down my pants and let everyone see I have a diaper on. God, that would be so hot."

Is pulling on a Pampers and fucking around a productive, psychologist-approved expression of mature affection? Well, maybe, maybe not. And it's certainly a minority taste. But as part of a balanced diet of consensual adult sex play, it can be, for at least a few fake-little boys, a real big, grown-up thrill.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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