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Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

Ever since gay porn began, one of its primary icons has been the jock – the sweaty, muscled athlete with a cock as hard as his biceps. The image of the athlete, whether grunting on the field of battle or stripping down and showering in the locker room, just seems so damn sexy.

Not all sportsmen are created erotically equal, of course. Surely somebody somewhere fetishizes professional golfers, but hunky baseball players are considerably more likely to be jack-off fodder. Better yet are soccer players, their visibly fabulous legs pumping away.

Those into body-watching might also enjoy something a little less butch, like gymnastics or competitive swimming and diving. It's a thrill to watch a lithe fellow, his package barely restrained by skimpy Speedos, taking a graceful plunge off the high board.

Weightlifters have plenty of erect-and-dripping fans, too, though sometimes, as one man says, "I find their overdeveloped physiques 'interesting,' rather than sexy." (Still, well-cultivated slabs of beefcake are more likely to be erotic icons than, say, stringy-bodied marathon runners.)

And then there are the classic hardcore body-contact sports: boxing and – especially – wrestling. One guy who gets hard watching half-nelsons says, "Nothing's sexier than the sight of two hunky guys in wrestling singlets going at it on a mat, body against body, all those muscles bulging and straining." And professional wrestlers, with their elaborate costumes and well-rehearsed attitude? "Some of them are pretty sexy, in a theatrical way. I can't stand their bluster, though. I have to mute the TV before I beat off."

A bunch of happy perverts extend their love of sports to athletic wear. Some guys treasure their jockstrap collections, while others like to dress their partners – or themselves – in uniforms; looking like team members makes their members rise.

What all this jock worship has in common – besides below-the-belt appreciation of well-tuned bodies in action – is the masculinity thing. Though lots of queer guys are accomplished athletes, others grew up somewhat less-than-butch, admiring more jockish guys from a distance and fantasizing about "real men." That hypermasculine aura still adheres to athletes, especially those in team sports. It's an all-guy club for men who are all male...or so the myth goes. Certainly, professional sports remain a bastion of homophobia, even in cultures otherwise accepting of queers. (Figure skating is an exception, but then, that's like dancing on ice – and we all know about those ballet dancers, right?)

But a yen for jockflesh need not be so fraught. Getting pumped up by exercise can start those hormones raging: Many a pair of buddies find time after a pick-up basketball game to attend to each other's sweaty baskets. And that horny waterboy who services the football team can't just be a fantasy, can he? (Though even if he is the product of some porn writer's fevered brain, the scene can be easily acted out by a bunch of guys with spare uniforms and active imaginations. Touchdown!)

Then there are those guys who simply equate "fit" with "fuckable." As one says, "If someone has regard for his own body, takes care of it, and it shows, then I'm more likely to want his body, too."

But whether you're a trained triathlete or a kinky chub with a collection of protective cups, athleticism has a cock-hardening cachet. And the thrill of victory is second only to the pleasures of orgasm. The cult of the athlete endures. So be it a hot moment in the steam room, an extended role-playing scene, or just some jacking-off over Sports Illustrated – go for it, sport.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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