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Speaking of Redheads

Simon Sheppard,

Delightfully enough, just about any physical characteristic can be fetishized by somebody. It should therefore come as no surprise that gaggles of gay guys are randy for redheads. Sure, blonds, dark-haired guys, and the bald-headed have their admirers, too, but among certain circles, the lust for carrot-tops is especially intense.

Says one fellow, "I find myself staring long and hard at redheads, regardless of how they look otherwise. I'll even cross the street to get a better vantage point. I suppose that's the very definition of fetishism, but as long as I don't harm anybody – or walk into a wall – what's the difference?"

Be it auburn, ginger, or strawberry blond, red hair is rare, and that very scarcity may enhance its appeal. Scientifically speaking, fiery curls are caused by recessive genes and iron-compound coloration. But that hardly accounts for its sexiness.

Part of the allure is purely aesthetic: the visual impact of coppery hair contrasting with usually pale, and often freckled, skin. But red hair also carries a certain amount of cultural baggage. Most redheads come from British ethnic backgrounds, often Irish or Scottish, and in a sense they are – even more than blonds – the ultimate white guys. As one American man says, "I get hard at the sound of an English accent, so I guess it makes sense that the archetypal ginger-haired Brit look would get me going, too."

Then there are those freckles that many – though hardly all – redheads sport. They call attention to the sensuous surface of the skin. But they can also connote a certain aura of youth. "It's that whole boy-next-door, Tom Sawyer thing," one freckle-fancier says. "And to me, freckles read as a slight imperfection that makes a hot man seem more attainable – and even more attractive."

It's only human nature to ascribe emotional states to physical traits. Redheads are commonly thought to be hot-tempered, though there is, of course, no factual reason to believe that. (Conversely, redheads' pale skin is often taken as an equally silly signifier of delicate romanticism, but it's really all just a matter of melanin.)

There's also the below-the-belt factor. Our street-crossing fetishist enthuses, "As nice as the rest of a redhead might be, there's nothing that turns me on more than a pale-skinned dick with a bright pink head, surrounded by fiery red hair. It looks hot, in every sense of the word. And every once in a while I run across a guy who's blond-haired up top, but has red pubes, and that's a great surprise gift for me. On the other hand, when a redhead turns out to have a dark bush..."

Needless to say, not everyone finds red hair erection-producing And since any minority trait is subject to put-downs, many a redheaded fellow is teased mercilessly in school. But as one handsome strawberry blond says, "It's a little weird to me to see guys drooling over my hair color. After all, it just came as part of the original equipment. But hey, if being a redhead helps get me laid every once in a while, I'm sure not going to argue."

Sure, such focus on external details may seem superficial. But are any of us truly immune to the arcane mysteries of sexual attraction? And, as one kinky topman reports, "Redheads' asses redden up real well after a good spanking. Simply beautiful."

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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